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About WA Rank

With our Digital Marketing recipes, your business or blog will be on the fast track to improved rankings, lead generation, and new customer acquisition.

The Sky Is The Limit With WA RANK

What Makes WA Rank Unique?

Local SEO

By-enlarge, most Local SEO Agencies or Digital Marketing firms – especially those working with local businesses – take a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to executing a marketing plan. With over a decade of experience in Search Engine Marketing and content management, we know how to find the traffic and create the digital curb appeal to attract the traffic to your business.

It’s not enough to bang out some keyword research, get some spammy links, then make excuses until your phone rings in 4 months. Unfortunately, for local SEO clients, this is often the experience.

Google My Business Optimization

WA Rank brings a refreshing approach to Local SEO. For us, step 1 is to get your phone ringing immediately. We’ll leverage our own web properties to do so if we must. We understand all that matters are results so results come first. At the same time, we construct and carefully execute a longterm organic plan. This is what get’s your business beyond just present in your market. This is when domination becomes a reality.

Content Marketing

Unless you are a fulltime blogger, Content Marketing is rarely considered a viable strategy for promoting a business – mostly because it is misunderstood. But content marketing also tends to be overlooked because the following questions tend to go unanswered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I find the time to write?
  2. What do I write about?
  3. How is content marketing going to help my business?
  4. Who is going to see my content?

The short answer is, let WA Rank handle the details. Just know that there is likely a content marketing strategy that can dramatically increase your audience.

For more on Content Marketing, click here.

Website Design

Our team of developers have unique web design solutions based on the nature and size of your business. In any case, all websites will be search engine optimized including internal schema markups from Google and Bing. Simply put, the structured data on the backend of your website increases Click Through Rate exponentially.


With the right construct, your site will show Bread Crumbs and those beautiful bright yellow stars you see in Google Search from time to time. Studies have shown that schema optimized websites will get the lion share of clicks when ranking on page 1, even if the site is ranking slightly lower than a site without schema markup.

Billy Gee, Founder and CEO of WA Rank

William (Billy) Gee has been a digital marketer for 10 years and has, time and again, helped business owners achieve levels of success many entrepreneurs can only hope for.

Whether he’s teaching, writing content, or executing an SEO Plan, Billy is always ready to give business owners his full attention and his best effort.


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