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WA Rank offers the most innovative approach to Google My Business Marketing. Most companies GMB services stop at helping you claim your page. WA Rank optimizes & configures your page to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the tools Google provides. If executed properly, GMB Optimization will put your local SEO efforts on steroids.


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Google My Business Messaging Google My Business Messaging Allows You To Immediately Engage Customers

Engage Customers With Google My Business Messaging


The GMB Mobile App lets you respond to messages from customers who find your business listing on Google. Responding to customers can help you answer their questions, tell your business’ story, and attract more people to your business.


Our Google my business messenger service allows small and new business to utilize our agencies service at a much lower price. This gives you the opportunity to scale up to a more robust package.


How Google Business Messaging Can Help a Local Business


Anytime you expand the ways to engage your potential customers, you are ahead of the game. I would venture to say that less than 2% of all Google My Business listings, claimed or unclaimed, are using the Google My Business texting tool. In fact, there’s a less than 1% chance that your competition will know about this, even throughout much of 2020! That’s how you start to carve out an unfair advantage in your market.


Google My Business Messaging


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Google My Business Messaging Marketing Packages


How much are our GMB messaging packages? That all depends. We can set you up, manage weekly posts, and monitor reviews as a starter package for $297 per month. This gets you:


  1. Google My Business Page Optimization: We will help you claim the page if necessary and we optimize the page with great content. There’s always more room for content and 98% of business owners don’t spend the time to do it right. Not to worry with WA Rank!
  2. GMB App Configuration: We configure the app and your Google My Business page so they sink and work together like they’re supposed to.
  3. Image frequency: We make sure that you are replenishing your listing with fresh images every few days. You would be shocked at how many views your Google Images draw to your listing and your website.
  4. Image Linking: We set up backlinking campaigns to superpower your image ranking on Google search and Google Images. We also geo-tag all images to give you a foundation for dominating your business’ geolocation.


The One-Two Punch of Local SEO!


If you really want to exponentially grow your local audience, combine our aggressive Google My Business Messaging Service with our Local SEO system for your website in which we optimize your site with the kind of backend SEO fortune 500 companies expect.




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